About us

Ella & Witt is a German label for sustainable and vegan shoes, sneakers and fashion. In Cologne/Germany we develop our products with high demands on quality, sustainability, durability and design. 
The materials we currently work with are either recycled or biologically based and are all 100% free of animal ingredients and solvents. 

Our aim is to produce the best possible, ethically sound, environmentally friendly shoes that meet our fashion standards and to constantly improve our methods.

We value social responsibility, excellent materials, integrity and authenticity.

We are committed to authentic, mindful design and production by using sustainable vegan materials.

Our brand name Ella & Witt comes from our immediate neighbourhood, where Ganter Ella and Cow Snow White aka Mrs. Witt are residents of the "Grazing Zones". The close proximity to animals rescued from a senseless death has given us extreme motivation to find sustainable vegan alternatives to leather. Our contribution is to develop a brand that is thoroughly vegan in all aspects of its products and the production process.

Behind Ella & Witt are Birgit and Torsten Lasar, experts in shoes for over 20 years, together with the agency VUCX (Vision Unltd. Creative Worx), Full Service Digital Agency in Cologne.